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Developed in partnership with the Municipal Mental Health Service of Ouro Preto, the project aims to show the way for the inclusion of people with mental disorders, through visits to public places, museums, galleries, theaters and artists’ workshop.

The initiative aims to show participants the dynamics of the city, allowing, through experiences, the exercise of citizenship. Likewise, it stimulates the interaction with the community, breaking the isolation in which they live.

In operation since 2001, the action has the follow-up of an Occupational Therapist in the evaluation of participants and activities planned by experts in education of the Inconfidência. The sessions are held on weekly basis.


Consists of guided visits to the permanent exhibition. The project admits groups up to 50 people, with prior appointment, and also intends to form multipliers agents.

Pedagogical staff is developing a supporting graphic material to teachers and students and will hold consultations in order to present the collection and establish, by mediation, the various possible interpretations of the context of the creation of the museum and the society that produced the cultural assets present in there.

To participate in the Inconfidências project, prior appointment is required by calling (31) 3551-1378.


Ludomuseu project provides groups of different ages, educational or not, understanding on the museum dynamics. The action proposes to the participants the demystification of the collection by handling works of technique reservation.

To participate in the Ludomuseu project, prior appointment is required by calling (31) 3551-1378.


Chá com Causos

Launch of Book Glaura: Chá com Causos. Seniors are the target audience of the projectChá com Causos. With a concept of traveling through the museum, its proposal is to socialize the museum space, extending it to the communities of Ouro Preto. The action aims to help consolidate, in the community, the importance of the subject as the author of their own history and mediate relations between this subject and the collection. The idea is to take the participant to think about museums as a place that, by organizing and displaying objects of different temporalities, uses and origins, they try to rebuild and preserve the history of each one of us.

The initiative proposes, accordingly, the valuation of matters of general knowledge, preserving intangible heritage. The project was also conducted at the Cultural Center of Glaura district of Ouro Preto. Through the work developed was generated the book Glaura: Chá com Causos, launched in April 2011 (for sale in the Museu da Inconfidência Shop).

The work contains particulars of legends, cooking, "stories", festivals, beliefs, crafts and folk medicine of the place. It is the result of months of work of the pedagogical sector of Museu da Inconfidência, at the time composed by Ana Maria Laia, Lorene Dutra Moreira e Ferreira, Maria Aparecida Ferreira de Souza and Viviane Michelline Veloso Danese.

Projeto Educativo no Museu

The contest Educational at the Museum Project, with enrollment open until November 30th, 2011, aims to enhance and support the educational practices developed this year by the teachers and their students from the visitation to the long-term exhibition or exhibitions promoted in Manoel da Costa Athaide Room.

In recognition to the importance and appreciation of the role of the teacher in the Education and Museum context, will be promoted, in December, in the Auditorium of the Museu da Inconfidência, the awards ceremony of teachers and participating schools, with a series of activities focused on the theme Education and Museums.

All projects entered in the competition will be awarded with certificates for their participation. In addition, teachers and schools will receive a promotional kit with publications by the Museu da Inconfidência. In the category of creative or innovative educational initiatives and practices, the contest will select five projects and grant honors to teachers and educational institutions.