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Overview - Educational Area

The Pedagogical Area is a space for social use that allows, through educational activities, boosting the Museum with projects developed with the community. Installed at the Casa do Pilar, annex of the institution, the sector weekly receives an audience that ranges from elementary school students to elderly groups. The multidisciplinary team is trying to meet requests from teachers, students and professionals in related fields.

The project complies with the theoretical and methodological assumptions of art-education, considering the different languages used by humans to express thoughts, feelings and ideas. The actions are articulated with the immediate reality of the public user, by promoting connections between history, memory, heritage, cultural identity, alterity and citizenship. Currently, are underway the projects Girassol (Sunflower), Inconfidências, Ludomuseu and Chá com Causos (Tea with Stories).

The Pedagogical Area continuously works since 1981 and, in partnership with the Collection Propagation and Cultural Promotion Section, develops recommended events by IBRAM, such as Semana de Museus (Museums Week) and Primavera de Museus (Museums Springtime). The sector occasionally holds workshops parallel to temporary exhibitions of Manoel da Costa Athaide Room, open to the community.