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Overview - Auditorum

Located in Annex I, the space has a necessary infrastructure and is used to show films and documentaries, courses, lectures, seminars, book releases and CDs, among other events.

With a privileged location, the space is constantly requested by local institutions, for the achievement of educational and cultural events. The use is made through leasing. With capacity for 100 people, the public is growing every day.

Featuring foyer and own bathrooms, the room is equipped with sound table, microphones, DVD, video cassette, tape deck, data show, bigger screen and stage with entry for notebook and PC. The combination of a monumental bureau of the 18th century, of exceptional quality, with armchairs of modern design, on stage, for the events of greater solemnity, gives the complex a touch of sophistication.

Annex I
Rua Vereador Antônio Pereira, 33 - Centro
Ouro Preto - MG
Telephone (appointment and information): (31) 3551-1121/3551-4977