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Documentation Museology

The Museum Documentation sector aims to rescue, organize and provide information about the collection. Among its responsibilities, is the keeping of documents related to the acquisition and movement of objects, as well as technical reports, inventories and cataloging records generated from the 1940s, which are reference sources for the production of new dossiers.

The area operates in collaboration with sectors that work directly with the objects, such as the Laboratory for Conservation and Restoration, providing data for interventions that should be performed. In return, these partners eventually send information that supplements the history of objects.

Collection management
To meet with agility all kinds of internal and external demand of aid about what is on permanent exhibition in the technical reserve or in other locations, was created the Control System of Museum Collection of the Museu da Inconfidência - SCAM for Windows.
This computer system stores and provides information and images about the collection. More than four thousand objects are in its database, which is continuously fed. Thus, further studies enrich the researches initially conducted. The treatment of the information and its standardized insertion into the system contribute to efficient data recovery.

SCAM for Windows began to be implemented in 1996, a result of the partnership with theUniversidade Federal de Ouro Preto (Federal University of Ouro Preto). The database is available on the internal network, and is also accessible to the public. In the future, it will be available at the Internet.